Today I saw how to change WordPress Logo Size Elementor. WordPress has become a popular platform for website creation Because of its functionality and wide selection of plugins that increase its capabilities. Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder that is quite popular among WordPress logo size elementor users since it allows for significant customisation without requiring the knowledge of programming. Of all the customisations you may do, changing the size of the logo is an often requested feature. This blog will guide you through the process of using WordPress logo size elementor to customise the size of the logo in WordPress. See more blog

Why Customize Your WordPress Logo Size Elementor?

Before diving into the technical steps, it’s important to understand why you might want to customize your logo size:

Branding Consistency: A well-sized logo ensures your brand identity remains consistent across different devices and screen sizes.

User Experience: Properly sized logos contribute to a clean, professional look, enhancing the overall user experience.

Mobile Optimization: Mobile users represent a significant portion of web traffic. Ensuring your logo displays correctly on smaller screens is crucial.

Performance: Oversized logos can affect loading times. Optimizing the size helps maintain website performance.

When setting the WordPress logo size elementor for a WordPress site, several factors need to be considered to ensure it looks good and performs well across different devices. Here’s a guide to help you determine the optimal size for your WordPress logo:

Using Theme Customizer:

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. See for the Header and Site Identity.
  3. Upload your logo and adjust the width/height settings if your theme provides these options.

Using Custom CSS:

  1. If your theme doesn’t provide options to adjust the logo size, you can use custom CSS.
  2. Go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.
  3. Add the following CSS and adjust the values as needed:cssCopy code

.site-logo {    
width: 250px; /* Adjust to your desired width */ 
height: auto; /* Contain aspect ratio */ }

Theme-Specific Options:

Some themes have specific options for WordPress logo size elementor under their settings.

Check the theme documentation or settings panel in the WordPress dashboard for additional options.

Getting Started with Elementor

Elementor is a powerful tool that offers extensive design options, but you’ll need the Elementor Pro version to unlock all features, including the Theme Builder, which allows for advanced customization like WordPress logo size elementor adjustment.

Step 1: Install and Activate Elementor Pro


You go to WordPress Dashboard and navigate to also Plugins > Add New.

Search for “Elementor”.

Click Install Now and then Activate.

Elementor Pro Activation:

Purchase Elementor Pro from the official Elementor website.

Download your Elementor Pro plugin file from Elementor website.

Go to WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

Upload the Elementor Pro plugin file, then install and activate it.

    Step 2: Access the Theme Builder

    • In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Elementor > Theme Builder.
    • Click on the Header tab, as the logo is typically part of the header section.

    Step 3: Editing the Header

    1. Create a New Header:

    • Click on Add New to make a new header template.
    • Choose a predesigned template or start from blank page.

    2. Add the Logo:

    • Drag the Site Logo widget from the Elementor panel to your header template.
    • By default, Elementor will pull the logo you’ve set in the WordPress Customizer.

    Customizing the Logo Size with Elementor

    Now that you’ve added the WordPress logo size elementor to your header, let’s focus on adjusting its size.

    Method 1: Using Elementor’s Built-in Options

    1. Select the Logo Widget:

    • Click on the Site Logo widget to select it.

    2. Adjust the Size:

    • In your Elementor Panel on the left, go to the Style tab.
    • Under the Width section, you can adjust the slider to change the logo size. You can input specific values (in pixels, percentage, or other units) for precise control.

    3. Responsive Adjustments:

    • Elementor allows you to set different logo sizes for desktop, tablet, and mobile views.
    • Click on the device icons (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) at the bottom of the Elementor panel to switch between views.
    • Adjust the logo size for each device to ensure optimal display across all screen sizes.

    Method 2: Custom CSS

    For more precise control, especially if the built-in options don’t meet your needs, you can use custom CSS.

    1. Add Custom CSS:

    • With the Site Logo widget selected, go to the Advanced tab in the Elementor panel.
    • Scroll down to the Custom CSS section (available in Elementor Pro).

    2. Insert CSS Code:

    • Add the following CSS code to adjust the WordPress logo size elementor size: .elementor-widget
    .custom-logo-class { 
    width: 150px; /* Adjust the width as needed */ 
    height: auto; /* Contain aspect ratio */ }
    1. Replace custom-logo-class with the actual class assigned to your WordPress logo size elementor if different.

    3. Assign a CSS Class to the Logo:

    • Go back to the Style tab of the Site Logo widget.
    • In the Advanced tab, under CSS Classes, add a class name, e.g., custom-logo-class.

    Finalizing and Publishing

    1. Preview Your Changes:

    • Click the Preview button to see how your logo looks on different devices.
    • Ensure the size is consistent with your branding and looks good on all screen sizes.

    2. Publish the Header:

    • Once you are satisfied with the logo size, click Publish.
    • You will be prompted to set display conditions. Choose where you want this header to appear (e.g., entire site, specific pages).

    3. Save and Exit:

    1. After setting the conditions, save your changes and exit the Elementor editor.

    Additional Tips for Logo Customization

    1. Optimize Your Logo Image:

    • Use image optimization tools to compress your logo without losing quality. This helps with faster loading times.

    2. Use SVG Format:

    • For sharp and scalable logos, consider using the SVG format. Elementor supports SVG files, which are perfect for high-quality logos on any screen size.

    3. Brand Guidelines:

    • Follow your brand guidelines for logo size and placement. Consistency is key to maintaining a strong brand identity.

    4. Retina Ready:

    • Ensure your logo looks good on high-resolution screens. Upload a logo with higher resolution and use the CSS max-width property to control its display size.

    Troubleshooting Common Issues

    1. Logo Not Resizing:

    • Ensure you have not set a fixed size in the theme’s customizer that overrides Elementor’s settings.
    • Check for conflicts with other plugins or custom CSS.

    2. Blurry Logo:

    • Use a higher resolution image or SVG format.
    • Ensure the image dimensions are suitable for retina displays.

    3. Mobile Display Issues:

    • Double-check the responsive settings in Elementor.
    • Use specific CSS for mobile devices if necessary.


    Using Elementor to customise your WordPress logo size elementor. is a simple process that may greatly improve the look and feel of your website. You can make sure your logo appears great on all devices by making use of Elementor design tools and options. When altering the size of your WordPress logo size elementor, don’t forget to take performance, user experience, and branding into account. With the methods and advice in this guide, you ought to be well-equipped to build a polished, business-like website.

    Without writing a single line of code, Elementor enables anyone to build beautiful, personalised designs, regardless of experience level with WordPress. Try a range of sizes and configurations until you discover what works best for your brand. Have fun creating!