How to Use WordPress Forms Lite on Website of web development, designing smooth forms lite that are interactive is vital to entice your customers. WordPress, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and numerous plugins, is a fantastic solution to create forms. In this article we’ll show you the steps to use WordPress Forms Lite, a plugin for WordPress, to incorporate forms on your site.  

How to Use WordPress Forms Lite on Website?

In my last update, which was in March 2023 How to how to use wordpress forms lite on website is an extremely popular plugin to make how to use wordpress forms lite on website on Website that can be used on WordPress websites. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use wordpress forms lite on website. Be aware that the steps and functions may differ a little bit depending on the specific version as well as WordPress.  

Why are you selecting WordPress Forms Lite?  

User-Friendliness: The plugin has been created to be user-friendly for beginners and user-friendly. It has an interface that lets you build forms without the need for programming.  

Drag and Drop Builder: WordPress Forms Lite allows you to drag and drop form builders that allows you to quickly create and arrange forms fields modify their design visually appealing forms.  

Technical Templates: The plugin comes with many pre-built forms that you can choose from, thereby saving time and effort while making your forms from grab.  

Advanced Field Types: This Forms Lite offers a wide range of field types. These include the fields of text and checkboxes, as well as dropdown menus, radio buttons as well as uploads of files and much more. This allows you to make forms that can capture the data you require.  

Conditional term: using conditional term you are able to create rules to determine which fields on forms are displayed based upon user response. This feature lets you develop interactive and dynamic forms that respond to the input of users.  

Step By Step Guidelines: How to use WordPress Forms Lite:  

How to use wordpress forms lite on website is an adaptable and user-friendly plugin that is designed to make form-building easier for all users. It doesn’t matter if you want a simple contact form or an elaborate poll, this plug-in gives you an easy solution and various options for customization.  

1/ Installation:  

Go to Plugins > Add New.  

Access Your WordPress Dashboard: Log in to your WordPress website.  

2/ Plugin Installation:  

Go to the search field, type “WordPress Forms Lite” or a similar term (make sure you’re getting the right plugin).

Find the plugin in the search results and click Install Now.  

After installation, click Activate.  

3/ Creating a New Form: 

Navigate to the Plugin:  

On your dashboard, you should see a new menu item for WordPress Forms Lite. Click on it.  

Create a New Form:  

Select Add New or similar option to create a new form.  

Choose a template if available or start with a blank form.  

4/ Customization Form:  

Use the drag & drop builder or the provided fields to add questions and form elements.  

Typical elements include text fields, email fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc.  

Configure each element (like setting mandatory fields, adding placeholder text, etc.).  

5/ Customize Your Fields: 

Drag and drop fields from your form on the left side onto the right side of the screen to incorporate them into your form.  

Click on any field to change its name or placeholder and to change other options.  

Change the order of these fields, by moving them into the order you prefer.  

6/ Form Settings:  

Adjust settings like confirmation messages, email notifications, and more. This is where you define what happens after a user submits the form.


7/ Save the Form:  

After you’re happy with the form, you can submit it. click Save.  

Adding the Form to Your Website  

8/ Get the Shortcode:  

After saving, the plugin usually provides a shortcode. This is a small piece of code that looks something like [wsforms id=”123″].  

9/ Add to a Page or a Post:  

Click on Page or Post where you place the form to appear.  

In the WordPress Editor, paste the shortcode where you want the form to display.  

10/ Using Widgets:  

If you want to add the form to a sidebar or footer, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.  

Add a widget ‘Text’ or ‘Custom HTML’ to your sidebar or footer area.  

Paste the shortcode into the widget and save.  

Preview and Test:  

Preview the page or post to see how the form looks.  

Fill out the form to test if it’s working correctly.  

Additional Tips:

Responsive Design: Ensure your form looks good on mobile devices.  

Spam Protection: Consider adding CAPTCHA to your form to prevent spam.  

Form Entries: Regularly check the form entries if the plugin stores them or ensures you receive notifications via email.  

Updating Backup and Maintenance:

Keep in mind that the specific features and interfaces may be different depending on the plugin’s version and updates that extend beyond April 2023. Always consult the documentation of the plugin’s official site or the support forum to get the most exact and precise details.  

Make sure the plugin is updated to the most current version for security and to add new capabilities.  Regularly check the forms on your site to verify they’re functioning properly.  

It is always recommended to regularly restore every day your WordPress website, which includes how to use wordpress forms lite on website. This will guarantee that you are using the WordPress website. You have backups of your crucial data in the event of any unexpected events. This is possible by using the built-in backup feature offered by hosting providers or through the backup plug-ins.  

Check and tidy up old form submissions in order to ensure that your database is well-organized and optimized. This can improve the efficiency of your site.  Thanks for watching see how to build a blog page?


If you keep to these guidelines to how to use wordpress forms lite on website, you can efficiently manage interactions with users, keep the integrity of your data, and guarantee proper function the WordPress Forms Lite forms. With those tips you’re now prepared to fully utilize it to how to use wordpress forms lite on website.