Looking for the best Divi layouts to elevate your website’s appeal? Your search ends here! Divi, the versatile WordPress theme, lets you upload custom layouts effortlessly. Whether you’re a developer crafting your design or seeking options from the Divi marketplace, we’ve got you covered with our top 10 Divi layouts. Let’s dive into the best ones in 2024, considering price, features, performance, and customer feedback.

However, for non-developers, the Divi Elegant Marketplace offers a solution to purchase layouts. Today, in this blog, we present the top 10 Divi layouts, carefully selected based on price, features, performance, and customer feedback by our experts. Whether you’re kickstarting a new website or giving your existing blog a fresh look, these layouts are sure to meet your demands.

Top 10 Premium Best Divi Layouts

At first, we discuss the seven premium Divi layouts, that have been choice our expert Divi developer. By using these layouts you can easily able to create an outstanding website for your needs. Besides these layouts prices are not high, so can easily afford these templates.

1. Portfo – Personal Portfolio Layout

Best Divi Layouts
portfo personal portfolio layout

Portfo takes place at the top of our list at $10. This layout is perfect for personal portfolios, sass landing, apps, and more, it offers a responsive layout, advanced typography, and compatibility with contact forms. Crafted for ease, it’s an ideal choice for modern app showcases.

Key Feature of Portfo

  •     Unique and Modern Style.
  •     Fully mobile Responsive Design.
  •     Super Clear and Clean Layout.
  •     Awesome and Creative Design.
  •     Easily customizable Every Section.
  •     Pixel Perfect Design.
  •     Clean & Commented Code.

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2.) NFTWeb – NFT and Crypto Landing Page

NFTWeb – NFT and Crypto Landing Page

Explore NFTs and crypto with NFTWeb priced affordably, it boasts a unique and modern style, fully responsive design, and clean layouts. Ideal for blockchain enthusiasts and digital ventures.

Key Feature of NFTWeb-

  •     Very Responsive Layout
  •     Advanced typography options
  •     Compatible with the Contact form
  •     Cross Browser Compatibility
  •     Organized HTML & CSS code
  •     Dedicated support and update
  •     Organize & detailed documentation

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3.) Bookzi– ebooks book store landing page

 Bookzi– ebooks book store landing page

For literature lovers, Bookzi is a premium choice. Tailored for online bookstores, it seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with easy book showcases and effortless purchasing.

Key Feature of Bookzi–

  •     Seamless Navigation
  •     Responsive Design
  •     Easy Book Showcase
  •     Effortless Purchasing
  •     Author Highlights
  •     Interactive Book Previews
  •     Newsletter Subscription
  •     Customization Flexibility
  •     Elegant Visuals Style

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4.) Handyman– Cleanman Service Layout

Handyman– Cleanman Service Layout

Handyman caters to pet care services with a vibrant design, versatility, and user-friendly interface. From grooming to veterinary clinics, Petly ensures your services shine.

Key Feature of Handyman–

  •     Versatile Service Range
  •     Vibrant Design
  •     Easily Customizable
  •     Informative Presentation
  •     Pet-Focused Appeal
  •     User-Friendly Interface
  •     Responsive Design

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5.) Technelo – Software Divi Layout

Technelo – Software Divi Layout

Technelo, the fifth gem, targets app developers. With a fully responsive design and clean aesthetics, it’s perfect for showcasing innovation flawlessly. If you want to make a perfect website you can use this layout without any problem.

Key Feature of Technology–

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • App and SaaS Showcase
  • Clean and Modern Aesthetics
  • Easy Customization Options
  • Comprehensive Section Set
  • Testimonials and Pricing Tables

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6.) Real estate– Realest like real state brokers’ landing page

Real estate– Realest like real state brokers’ landing page

Real estate, the sixth jewel, revolutionizes online real estate. Designed for realtors, it combines style and substance, ensuring your property listings take center stage. This website layout is perfect for a construction business website.

Key Feature of Real Estate–

  •     Realtor-Centric Design
  •     Seamless Property Showcase
  •     Intuitive User Experience
  •     Customization Flexibility
  •     Comprehensive Listing Sections
  •     Responsive and Engaging Design

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7.) Application Roapp– App Landing Page

Application Roapp– App Landing Page

Application Roapp, the seventh layout, is a versatile choice for SEO agencies and startups. With multipurpose versatility and easy customization, it’s perfect for various businesses.

Key Feature of Application Roapp–

  •     Multipurpose Versatility
  •     Responsive Design
  •     Easy Customization
  •     Latest Divi Functionality
  •     Author Highlights
  •     Newsletter Subscription

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Top 3 Free Best Divi Layouts

And if you are tight on your budget you can choose the free ones, that are also perfect for your website. Below we discuss the top three free layouts that are very popular in the recent market.

8.) Molite— Creative Portfolio Layout

Moliti Creative Portfolio Layout

Unveiling Molite, the eighth layout that’s free! Crafted for travel websites, it captures the spirit of exploration with captivating design elements and a user-friendly interface. This is perfect for a portfolio website, you can use it whether you are a professional person or a student you can use it without any issues.

Key Feature of Molite

  •  Tailored for Modern Website
  •     Captivating Design Elements
  •     User-Friendly Interface
  •     Seamless Storytelling Integration

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9.) Homepage – Accounting Firm Divi Layout Free

Homepage – Accounting Firm Divi Layout Free

For accounting firms, the Homepage (the ninth layout) combines professionalism and style. Elevate your firm’s digital presence with this sleek design and user-focused interface.

Key Feature of Homepage 

  •   Expertly Designed for Accounting Firms
  •   Professional and Stylish Aesthetics
  •   User-Focused Interface
  •   Effective Presentation of the Firm’s Expertise
  • User-Friendly Interface

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10.) Malha – Personal Portfolio CV Resume


The tenth layout, Learn, is tailored for driving schools and is also free! With a user-friendly design and informative elements, it takes your driving school online, empowering and educating new drivers.

Key Feature of Personal

  • One-Page Personal Portfolio layout
  • Portfolio & Dark Layout, CV Resume
  • Landing Page & smooth scroll animations
  • Mobile friendly with complete cross-device optimization

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In conclusion, Divi’s flexibility makes it an excellent choice for any kind of website. Whether you choose for a free or premium layout, these top 10 best Divi layouts in 2024 offer a range of options to help you create a professional and impressive website that aligns with your goals. Elevate your online presence with Divi! To get more information you can follow our blog.