I can certainly help you with a list of 30+ best Figma CV templates free that no needed to buy. However, I’ll need to provide a brief description of each template to make it SEO-friendly. Here’s a list of 30+ best Figma CV templates free: See more blog

30+ Best Figma CV Templates Free 

We are going to share few portfolio fijm templates in this post so you can see all the portfolios well.

1. Modern Resume

A clean and minimalist CV template with a modern design. 

2. Creative Portfolio

Showcase your skills and work in a creative portfolio-style CV. 

3. Professional Elegance

A classic and elegant CV template for a professional look. 

4. Minimalist Green

A simple and refreshing green-themed CV template. 

5. CV / Resume Templates

Make a statement with bold typography in this CV template. 

6. Clean and Simple

A straightforward and easy-to-read CV template. 

7. Infographic Resume

Present your skills and experience with infographics. 

8. Creative Designer

Ideal for designers with a creative layout. 

9. CV Resume Template

A corporate-themed CV template for business professionals. 

10. Colorful Splash

Add a pop of color to your CV with this template. 

11. Elegant Blue

A blue-themed CV template for a professional touch. 

12. Web Developer

Tailored for web developers with a tech-inspired design. 

13. Minimalistic Black

Keep it minimalistic with a black and white design. 

14. Artistic Resume

Show off your artistic skills with this unique template. 

15. Vintage Vibes

Get a vintage look with this CV template. 

16. Clean and Sleek

A sleek and modern design for a polished CV. 

17. Creative Director

Planned for creative directors, featuring a creative layout. 

18 Simple Monochrome

A simple yet stylish monochrome CV template. 

19. Developer Portfolio

Ideal for business analysts with a data-centric design. 

20. Developer team website

Make a bold statement with a red-themed CV. 

21. Bento Web Portfolio

A gray-themed CV template for a minimalist approach. 

22. Portfolio Showcase

Showcase your work with a portfolio-style CV. 

23. GeekTube 

GeekTube Portfolio video cv oriented video UI template

24. Fashion Website Product Page UI

Add an Fashion Website Product Page UI to your CV with this template. 

25. Green Gradient

A CV template featuring a green gradient background. 

26. Professional Profile

A template that focuses on your professional profile. 

26. Creative Writer

Designed for creative writers with a unique layout. 

27. Portfolio – Tomasz Gajda

Add a touch of elegance with a gold-themed CV. 

28. Clean and Modern

A clean and modern design for a professional look. 

29. Marketing Specialist

Ideal for marketing specialists with a marketing-themed design. 

30. Colorful Spectrum

Add a spectrum of colors to your CV with this template. 

31. Lancarin – Digital Marketing Agency

A Digital Marketing CV template for a Digital Marketing Agency

32. Photographer’s Portfolio

Showcase your photography  UI animation skills with this template. 

33. Photographer’s Portfolio

Tailored for simple and clean portfolio with a CV design. 

34. Photography

Make a photo statement with a photography design. 

How to create Figma CV templates? 

Choose a Template: Start by selecting a best Figma CV templates free that suits your style and preferences from Figma’s community or design resource websites. As mentioned earlier, you can use the search terms I provided in previous responses. 

Edit Content: Once you’ve found a template, open it in Figma, and you can start editing the content. Replace the template text with your own details, for example your name, informative contact, work experience, education, skills, and any other relevant information. 

Design Customization: Figma allows you to customize the design elements of the template, such as colors, fonts, and layout. Make sure the design aligns with your personal brand and style. 

Add a Profile Summary: While CVs typically don’t require lengthy content, you can include a brief profile summary, brief or objective statement at the beginning of your CV. This summary should provide a snapshot of your qualifications and career goals in a concise manner. 

Proofread and Review: Carefully proofread your CV to ensure there are no typos or errors. Also, review the content to ensure its relevant to the job you’re applying for. 

Export: Once you’ve completed your CV, you can export it kind of a PDF file or image file to share with potential employers or upload to job application platforms. 

I hope you find these templates useful for creating your CV. If you need more detailed information about any specific template or want additional details, feel free to ask! 

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